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 Ultimate High Waist, Lace High Waist and Lace Hipster are made from Tencel.

Tencelis an eco-friendly fabric made from responsibly sourced wood pulp from carefully managed beech tree forests. Tencel is FSC certified, which ensures that the trees are sustainably managed and environmental and social standards are met.

Tencel is produced in an entirely ‘closed-loop’ process, which means that its solvents are contained and reused, ensuring that no contaminants are released into the environment. The fibres are compostable and biodegradable, which means they can fully revert back to nature.

Tencel boasts many sustainable certifications. It has earned USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) BioPreferred designation, certified biodegradable and compostable by the Belgian certification Vinçotte, recognised by EU Ecolabel for its low environmental impact and a European Award for the Environment from the European Commission. WUKA has chosen Tencel as it is a super sustainable material that is also exquisitely soft on the skin and very flexible.


are made from GOTS organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard).

Did you know that conventional cotton production uses insecticides and herbicides? The chemicals are washed out of soils, which then pollutes our rivers and damages the environment. Cotton farming also uses vast amounts of water for irrigation.

WUKA has chosen to use organic cotton in our Ultimate Bikini Brief Period Pants, which are grown without the use of harsh, synthetic chemicals. This also ensures healthy working conditions for the cotton farmers. Organic cotton is also kind to the most sensitive of skins.

WUKA’s organic cotton is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, which is a prestigious external accreditation body that covers the processing, manufacturing and trading of organic textiles. It guarantees that a minimum of 95% organic fibres are used. It also ensures that high standards are met across environmental impact and social impact, to ensure that both our planet and people are being treated well and fairly.


Nylon is a type of plastic that can be toxic to our environment. Our water supplies across the world are contaminated with harmful chemicals from irresponsible waste disposal from the textile industry. Currently, the world is producing more plastic than we are recycling – only 9% of the world’s plastic has been recycled.

WUKA has chosen to use recycled nylon from ocean waste to create our Perform collection, to ensure this pre-existing plastic is being used to its full potential, to reduce waste. Using recycled means that we use less energy to produce our Period Pants, compared to traditional manufacturing processes.

What can we do to reduce this footprint?

Shop By Flow

We Are In A Climate Emergency

global economy to halt the rise in global temperatures that scientists are stating is an existential threat to humanity.

WUKA® is on a mission  to Wake Up, Kick Ass, break taboos and accelerate a sustainable world, which means designing out waste, designing in innovation, sustainability and ethics.

WUKA makes award-winning period pants that have at least 5x less carbon footprint than disposable pads and tampons.

Period And Carbon Footprint

use to manage it do have a carbon footprint and it’s bigger than we thought. From manufacture, shipping and recycling, this all contributes to a product’s carbon footprint.

A year’s worth of disposable pads and tampons for one person produces 8.9kg of CO2 emissions, the same as charging a mobile phone more than 1000 times.

How Can We Reduce This Footprint?

 smaller carbon footprint compared to pads and 4x less compared to tampons.

Every pair of WUKA replaces 200 disposables, which is great for waste reduction.

By using sustainable materials like Tencel™ and Organic Cotton, WUKA keep their footprint naturally small but for the rest they offset more than they use and are Carbon Neutral and rated by the carbon footprint.

One Simple Swap, A Positive Global Impact

period  and make a real difference.

More than a third of British women (36%) are unaware of the impact that single-use period products have on the environment, so sharing this knowledge alone can make a big impact.

42% of women revealed that simply knowing about the environmental consequences has made them think again about switching from single-use products to reusable options, with more than half (53%) wanting to hear more about the damage from single-use products.

Here are 5 Benefits for Using Period Pants

 underwear daily, and if you don’t, that’s okay too. So imagine, being on your period and not having to change anything from your daily routine. You hop out the shower, reach for your underwear drawer and just pull on a pair of pants but these are superhero pants because they keep you leak free and comfy all day.

Because WUKA period pants are made from sustainable materials such as Tencel™ , which is three times softer than cotton, you’re actually going to experience even more comfort than you expected!

Many have voiced that tampons actually contribute to period cramps. Period pants however, don’t add to pains. WUKA’s here to provide as much comfort as possible. Try a pair of High Waisted period pantsfor the days you feel extra bloated so it feels like you’re getting a hug all day instead of trying to breathe in tight jeans.

Did you know that every pair of WUKA period pants is equivalent to saving 200 plastic disposable period products? Not only are you saving yourself from having to purchase a box of tampons or pads every month, but you’re also saving landfills from being overfilled with plastic disposables – which take up to 500 years to decompose!

Also, WUKA are the first carbon neutral + period pants, so you’re also reducing your carbon footprint. Find out more about how period pants are sustainable here.

Much like the different absorbencies in pads and tampons, period pants are designed to absorb different amounts of blood.

WUKA period pants range from light to super heavy flow, in different styles. Everybody’s period is different, which is why WUKA period pants have a variety of styles too.

From High Waist super heavy flow to a Thong(yes, a period thong!) in light flow, WUKA’s got you covered.

Some individuals find it uncomfortable to insert a tampon or a menstrual cup, and that’s okay! Everybody’s preference differs. With period pants, it’s a simple case of pulling up a pair of pants and swapping into a different pair after a few hours of wear (depending on your flow).

WUKA range from 2XS – 6XL, and they’re proud of that! Not only do they have different absorbencies of flow, but they craft their period pants to fit you and your bodies for maximum comfort whilst keeping you feeling super stylish.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re wearing a nappy or being constantly reminded that you’re on your period just because you’re wearing something different because you’re on your period. So WUKA keeps you in mind when they design their period pants!

6 Reasons Why You Need WUKA Period Leggings

 athleisure. 7/8 in length, these recycled polyester leggings, with Seamless WUKA period technology to absorb your period flow, are here to be worn whether you want to lounge about the house as you #wfh, walk your dog, are running errands or need to hit the gym.

The #1 pet peeve when it comes to leggings is the fit. Some leggings slide down whilst others feel like you’ve constantly got a wedgie. Not with these. These are buttery-soft, feel like they’re compression as they’re so smooth and are almost a second skin. Plus they absorb your period flow, so you can go commando!

There is nothing worse than bending over and having your pants on full show. This is why our Seamless period technology is completely VPL-proof. WUKA provide the carbon neutral period essentials if you provide the WUKA go-getter attitude!

WUKA made these leggings because they never want anything to hold you back from doing the things you love, or achieving the goals you set yourself. With period leggings, life becomes more efficient and stress free. You’ll never worry about leaks at the gym or if you’re out and about, and you’ll never have to think twice about VPL. A win-win!

WUKA want you to look stylish all while being sustainable and period-friendly. The WUKA Perform Leggings look so chic, you don’t have to just wear them for exercising. Match it with a cute turtleneck sweater, or your puffer coat and sneakers and head out to town!

WUKA’s all about waking up and kicking ass and breaking taboos around period topics. WUKA made these leggings to remind you that you can do anything. And you’re going to inspire so many people around you for just being yourself. Whether it’s staying active on your period and pushing yourself to get up and go out and getting things done, or being mindful and lounging at home and trying out a yoga flow or acknowledging you need rest, you’re putting yourself first. And that’s what a WUKA warrior attitude is.

Layered For Your Protection

Each pair of WUKA Period Pants has a super absorbent gusset made up of many layers.

The middle layers absorb and lock-in the blood, whilst the outer, moisture-wicking layers keep you feeling secure and dry. Each of the leak-proof layers are very breathable to reduce any smells and chance of infection.



Ultimate Midi Brief

an all round fit-for-everything.Made from eco-friendly and luxurious Tencel™, which is 3x softer than cotton. WUKA wearers love the Midi Brief because of its breathability and non-bulky feel.Making it the perfect pair to wear to work, school, run errands and just go about your daily life. The perfect pair for any activity on your period.

Basic Hipster

 like to say: affordable, functional and cute.Great for nighttime with its high gusset lining, meaning that leaking isn’t going to be a problem when you’re getting your beauty sleep! Made from BCI Certified Cotton, the soft feel on these are promising you the undisturbed, peaceful sleep you want when you’re on your period. WUKA wearers love wearing these when they’re lounging around the house doing chores too, or just picking up their kids from school, or going to and fro from the shops. There’s a reason WUKA call it Basics! Your basic essentials so you can complete your basic everyday needs, even on your period. WUKA recommend sizing up in their Basic Hipster, as they come up a little smaller than their  Tencel™ pants.

Ultimate High Waist

teens – they all love it. What occasion, you ask? Any. For the days you want that extra hug when you’re feeling a bit bloated. Or the days you’re wearing high waisted trousers, or a pencil skirt. Mums  love them for their postpartum bleeding, and teens  like them underneath their tights with school uniforms!
All in all, the High Waist is the ultimate best friend when it comes to your period. Made from Tencel™: no wonder  it’s a favourite!

Ultimate Organic Bikini

GOTs Certified Organic Cotton which means it’s super comfy and sits on your body like it was tailored just for you, the Ultimate Bikini is perfect for your busy days.
The high cut leg offers you full mobility, which is why so many  WUKA wearers love wearing the Ultimate Bikini for cycling, hitting the gym, or just running around. Many love wearing it with jeans, as the bikini style gives you full breathability and sits perfectly on your body, making you forget you’re even on your period. WUKA recommend sizing up in our Bikini Briefs as they come up a little smaller than our Tencel™ pants.

Perform Seamless

you’re not wearing any underwear. And we gave it an entire collection because it performs as well as it looks, and you perform to your best by simply wearing it. For the days you have a spin class, yoga class, or just want to go for a light jog – Seamless has got you covered. Made from recycled nylon,  WUKA wearers love it for its sports fit. Smooth, silky and soft to the touch, it feels like second skin – giving you all the mobility you can have. Without the bulky feel, you can be at the front of the yoga class and not worry about VPL or leaking. Total peace of mind, and luxurious comfort and practicality with the Perform Seamless.

Basic Thong

moment. And for the days you’re finishing, but there’s still a bit of spotting.
Basics Thong is the perfect pair for those days – where you don’t want to feel like you’ve got to wear full coverage pants just in case you start bleeding. It’s also the pair that reminds you, yes you can still feel sexy on your period, and wear that cute dress or skirt you wanted to. Or those leggings when you hit the gym, or an exercise class but you’re worried about spotting or light leaks. Basically, an anytime saviour for spotting, worrying about light leaks or when you’re on the last few days of your period finishing.

Ultimate Boxer Shorts

you ever had. Now imagine having that every night. Especially on your period. No worries about leaking, no waking up and instantly checking your bed sheets. Just peaceful Zzz’s and sweet dreams when you wear Ultimate Boxers. Yep, WUKA think they’ve found the perfect sleep solution! With a high gusset covering both your front and back, you’re completely covered.

Ultimate Lace Collection

period. With WUKA’s Lace collection in High Waist and Hipster, they’re inviting you to embrace your sensuality on your period. We know how satisfying it feels when you get to pull out your favourite underwear on a day that you’re not bleeding, so why can’t you do the same on your period? Made from none other than Tencel ™, WUKA’s giving you maximum comfort and lace beauty all in one.

Re-Purpose Collection

roughly 200 disposable plastic period products. But what about all the fast-fashion fabrics that are just going to waste? This is what the Re-Purpose Collection is made from: second hand fast fashion fabrics! In three styles, this is definitely WUKA’s most trendy, in-season pair of period pants. They’ve literally repurposed fast fashion fabrics into a Brazilian Thong, French Cut Bikini and High Waist pair of period pants in three flows.

Perform Bikini Brief

when you’re about to step into a pool and you’re worried about bleeding into the water. Whether it be for a spa day, going for a few laps in the pool or a trip to the beach, we made the swim bikini brief so that you can forget about all your worries and enjoy every moment of being in the water. Made from recycled nylon, it is the perfect period protection when you’re going for a splash! A top tip: it’s very thin so if you wanted to wear them underneath a snazzy one-piece you have, you absolutely can do that too!


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Promotional StuffPromotional Stuff
12:39 03 Oct 22
This product is truly the way forward for women. I purchased a selection of styles and sizes for myself and my network to review and the results were all positive. The product works exactly as it should there was zero mess or unpleasantries. The quality is great and very comfortable. If you have the potential to be a bit bloated on your time of the month or just prefer that little extra comfort I would suggest getting one size larger than your normal size. I have got a selection of these for my teenage girls so there is no need to have a stock pile of sanitary products or suffer the worry of running out or being caught short. With such a good quality as this, an investment in a good selection of knickers, there is no reason why it shouldn’t last many years.
19:21 02 Sep 22
I got myself a couple of Wuka period knickers from Wild Dance Store and I couldn't be happier about them.Great quality, they dont show under clothing , are so confortable and I was safe for a whole day. In addition to that their new designs are flattering with modern cuts and lace. Truly happy about my purchase!!😁
Amanda JamesAmanda James
21:25 21 Jun 22
Contacted dave in a panic and although the shop was not opened (Jubilee weekend) he went above and beyond to help. Nothing was too much trouble. Forever grateful. Highly recommend.