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WUKA For Women

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Layered For Your Protection

Each pair of WUKA Period Pants has a super absorbent gusset made up of many layers.

The middle layers absorb and lock-in the blood, whilst the outer, moisture-wicking layers keep you feeling secure and dry. Each of the leak-proof layers are very breathable to reduce any smells and chance of infection.


with the power to absorb your period flow and help you stay active on your period. Suitable for a medium period flow.

Eco-friendly recycled polyester, lightweight seamless fabric with a super absorbent hi-tech moisture barrier making it period proof and VPL-free.
Ensures a leak-proof workout, perfect for those on the go, living an active lifestyle.
Medium absorbency, complete tampon and pad replacement. Holds 15ml of period flow or light leaks – around 2-3 tampons’ worth.

WUKA Period Leggings are your complete tampon and pad replacement for your daily activities inside and outside the gym.

Sports Shorts

fabric Super  absorbent hi-tech moisture barrier making it leak-proof

Medium absorbency, complete tampon and pad replacement. Holds 15ml of period flow or light leaks – around 2-3 tampons’ worth
WUKA’s comfy Period Sports Shorts are built to keep you protected during your period while working out.

Absorbs and locks in: Periods, pee and sweat
Ideal for: Bootcamp, running, long-distance walking, gym


WUKA’s Period Swimsuit feels just like regular swimwear with an ultra absorbent liner. Designed for performance, so you can move through the water with less resistance even when your period is dragging you down.
Made for your light to medium flow days, but not heavy days.
Water-repellent outer fabric
Holds up to 15ml of period flow or light leaks – around 2 small tampons’ worth
One-piece with padded cups and diamond back cut
Modest front and rear coverage
Flattering for all body types
Cold wash and dry.

Swim Bikini Bottoms

 light flow days when you want some water fun but not suitable for your heavy flow days.

The outer fabric is water repellent
So thin you can wear under your favourite swimwear too
Holds 10ml of period flow or light leaks – around 2 small tampons’ worth.
High leg cut means you can wear it underneath any other swimwear of your choice.
Cold wash and dry.



Starting out with a Wuka First Period Pack

achieving great things in life. It’s should be celebrated with pride.

Our first period kit pack has everything your teen/tweens need to start their period with confidence.

What’s inside?


WUKA Ultimate Midi Brief – Heavy flow Period Pants
An amazing book about growing to love your body and embracing changes. A Girls’ Guide to Growing Up Great or The Autism-Friendly Guide to Periods
A hand-made in Nepal Washbag to carry spare pants when at school or travelling anywhere else.
💪🏽 Our underwear will give your child confidence in lessons or sports. Our period pants will guarantee:

No stress
No leaks
No odour
Our award-winning period pants have an absorbent layer that can hold up to 3 tampons’ worth of flow.

WUKA Website 5 Stars ***** Reviews

Why did I not try these years ago!!!

years but kept coming back to the same old worries about hygiene and smell etc. But I needn’t have worried at all. I even forgot I was wearing them and had my period at one point. I bought the pack of 3 so was able to wash them whilst always still able to wear a pair. I now recommend them to all the ladies I know.

WUKA Basics™ Hipster – Heavy flow
Anna Lloyd 29/07/2022 as seen on the WUKA website.

Best Period Pants!!

leak within 4-5 hours (not absorbent enough, or the absorbent liner is too short). As someone with a heavy flow, these are the only brand I’ve found that I can actually wear for a full day at work without leaks. Literally life changing – no more worries about leaks or needing to carry around loads of pants/pads in bulky wet and dry bags! Sometimes when I’m expecting an extra long day, I’ll start off with a cloth pad in my Wukas, then take it out part way through the day.
A tip on the sizing – don’t assume you can take your regular size! They’ve listed out the measurements in the size chart, so make sure you measure yourself to get the best fit. I’m normally a large in most underwear brands, but I ordered an XL based on the size chart and they were a perfect fit.

WUKA Basics™ Hipster – Heavy flow C.M. 03/12/2021 as seen on the WUKA website.

Brilliant for Incontinence

in ‘Know the Origin’ pop-up shop in Islington.
These heavy flow pants have made going out for a walk.. or a visit to the museum.. or just going shopping..and maybe even one day going on a date!!.. 100% less stressful. VERY HAPPY!
I’m now going to attempt to persuade my 14 year old to start using them for her periods.
Thank you!

WUKA Basics™ Hipster – Heavy flow
Eleanor Thompson
08/07/2021 as seen on the WUKA website.

Absolutely fabulous!

pants and kept returning to the WUKA site. My daughter and I were very dubious at first and she was reluctant to try them, as she used to go through one heavy flow pad every hour on her heaviest days, leak and leak dramatically overnight. However, she ‘went for it’ and tried the heavy flow period pants. Well, all I can say is she has never looked back! Not once has she leaked and on her heaviest day, she wore one pair of pants for her entire school day with no issues and has not leaked overnight! We are total converts and pads will never come back into our lives. She is completely won over by these pants, so much so that she came home from school recently to announce that she has persauded her friends to try them.
Not only are the pants fantastic, but I have had to contact WUKA on a couple of occasions and their customer service is second to none.
The period pants come in different sizes according to the style, so do measure yourself properly and the fit will be perfect!
Well done WUKA!

WUKA Basics™ Hipster – Heavy flow
Eleanor Thompson
08/07/2021 as seen on the WUKA website.

WUKA Information and More Reviews

How To Wash Your Period Pants

Rinse or Wash

Machine Wash


How Much Could You Save?

Do you want to know more about how much you can save by wearing WUKA Period Pants?

Check the Omni Calculator and see the results yourself.

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Promotional StuffPromotional Stuff
12:39 03 Oct 22
This product is truly the way forward for women. I purchased a selection of styles and sizes for myself and my network to review and the results were all positive. The product works exactly as it should there was zero mess or unpleasantries. The quality is great and very comfortable. If you have the potential to be a bit bloated on your time of the month or just prefer that little extra comfort I would suggest getting one size larger than your normal size. I have got a selection of these for my teenage girls so there is no need to have a stock pile of sanitary products or suffer the worry of running out or being caught short. With such a good quality as this, an investment in a good selection of knickers, there is no reason why it shouldn’t last many years.
19:21 02 Sep 22
I got myself a couple of Wuka period knickers from Wild Dance Store and I couldn't be happier about them.Great quality, they dont show under clothing , are so confortable and I was safe for a whole day. In addition to that their new designs are flattering with modern cuts and lace. Truly happy about my purchase!!😁
Amanda JamesAmanda James
21:25 21 Jun 22
Contacted dave in a panic and although the shop was not opened (Jubilee weekend) he went above and beyond to help. Nothing was too much trouble. Forever grateful. Highly recommend.

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