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Need help? Call us on  01622 371125

Dance Makeup

Hey there dancers!

Shhh!!...don't tell

Are you fed up with your makeup not lasting one dance, let alone the night?!


I am Jada, an Irish dancer (and runner!), and I have discovered the industry’s best kept secret.

Something that performers shouldn’t be without!

Something that will revolutionise your life!

I’m willing to spill the beans to YOU!

Whether you are preparing for an on-stage performance, a dance class or a night out. Dancers need makeup that will last, but smudgeproof products that are guaranteed to get you through the day are hard to come by.

Smudgeproof Makeup

Facethewoolf is bringing long-lasting beauty products to the Wild Dance Store

Guaranteed to stay on your face long after you have left the dance floor.

Vegan Friendly

Builtin skincare

Made for sensitive skin

Hundreds of colours

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