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Need help? Call us on  01622 371125


We are Wild Dance Store, We are an outlet for modern fashionable quality dancewear & dance shoes

Why Wild Dance Store?

The miraculous moment when humans start walking instead of crawling is closely related with the recognition of his or her body and trusting it. These first steps are the initial transition in which they become individuals who wonder, question, and explore by controlling their own bodies and their physical activities. These are the most meaningful steps to freedom.

What we do!

We began as a company that focussed on dance & our dance school ‘Salsa Wild’ has been established since 2003. If you have ever danced you will know the three most important things in a pair of dance shoes are the quality, comfort, and balance. This not only ensures that you can move the way that you want to but also that you can do this in comfort. If this works for dance shoes why not other shoes? Why should quality and comfort not be important in all our shoes whether they are for a day out with friends, a session in the gym or a night on the town. Elegant, exclusive, and unique designs are how we like to describe our selves in everything we do!

How we achieve this

For us, focusing deeply to master a specific issue achieves quality in the long term. The most remarkable difference between us and other dance shoe outlets is that we work with some of the UK’s best dance shoes manufacturers to bring you the best all in one place

The ideal dance shoe has a 40 degree angle in the heel. It should mould the foot well and distribute the weight from heel to toe effectively. This ensures the weight is always maintained at the right spot and loss of balance will not be experienced.

We continue to use this concept while staying focused on our original motivation: quality dance shoes that not only are comfortable and balanced but also look great.

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